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If your goal is to be the best in one skill, area or niche, and to be known for it, you may have to put in many hours of work.  There’s nothing wrong with committing to an area for a long period of time, provided you’re doing it because it’s what you want, not because it’s what you think you should want.

However, it’s quite likely that being the best, as in “Number One” in a category isn’t what you’re striving for.
The tough part for me was accepting that this might be the case, that I am not trying to be the best.   He emphasizes being the best in your niche, whatever it may be.
For me, being the best in my personal style is more important than competing, regardless of niche, regardless of genre or medium.  People who wonder why we multi-potentialites even bother to make all these different things might not get it.  I think it might be wise to forget about them.  As long as we aim to “get it,” which is to say we continue to cultivate our style and watch for our personal themes emerging, then being the best in some medium need not be a concern.

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