Being a Musician

I’m not in it to give the audience what it wants and I surely do not tell them what it wants to hear.

I’m not in it for the money.

I’m not a member of a group. If you’re the quarterback of the football team or the head of a sewage company, chances are you are not an artist. An artist is a misunderstood outsider who doesn’t get along with others, sorry, but it’s true ….

I’m not an activist for rights that I do not participating in. When you hear someone complain about streaming payouts and they’ve got none, beware. Pay attention to those in the game. You earn your presence in the game, until then what you say doesn’t matter.

Your not entitled to an income.

Speaks truth. To power, to everybody. If you’re afraid of the reaction to your work and flinch and don’t put it out you’re a snivelings wimp, not an artist…

I know that the audience is the ultimate arbiter. Gatekeepers are to be tolerated, at this late date critics are nearly irrelevant. If you’re getting a good response you’re on the right track, ignore the haters and who see themselves wishing, with an ego trip the size of a football field….Volume 10 taste 3..

Some awards are meaningless. Sure, they’re nice to get but they don’t represent quality, only acknowledgement by people you probably wouldn’t want to know anyway.

Chops are important, but they’re no match for inspiration.

I believe that credibility is everything, if people don’t believe in you, they will not believe in your work.

Look for inspiration everywhere. The more you interact with the world, the better your art. In other words, an artist is CURIOUS!

I will take no for an answer, but will not stop creating
I know, if when they ring the bell, which they do infrequently.

It gets better with time. Unless you reaped huge success, then you usually get worse, because you worry about the audience’s expectations and are afraid to take risks and then become slaves to their income.

If you don’t know how we got here, who came before, how the game works, chances are you won’t succeed. You’ve got to learn the parameters and see where you can test limits.

If your inspired by other artists. Great! There is always someone to learn from which stimulates you to become better.

Art is not 9-5 work, it’s about getting inspired. A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot…

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