South Bay Transit Band 1975. Red Onion, resturant,night club. Redondo Beach.L.A. California

Formed in Los Angeles in 1975 when I joined them. Leader Jack Poster the lead trumpet player already was working on getting to Las Vegas.We were a Top 40’s 7 piece group with a girl singer at the time.She left the group before L.V…I started to be a front man doing James Brown imitation and we started to get some more gigs.But it wasn’t only myself.Everyone in the band was very talented in what they were performing .I stayed with the band for 2 and a half years.Jack Poster got us a gig at Caesars Palace.He was already 3rd trumpet play in the main show room and played with most of the biggest Star’s of that era, while we were moved to a lounge show room there too.Because of Jacks connection we got to start on an album in a Las Vegas studio.We were all writing originals as a group and as individuals.We were back up by Frank Sinatra and Lola Falana singer, their lawyer and Nat Brandywine orchestra leader of the main show room at Caesars Palace at the time.We all worked from 9 p.m. to 1: a.m and then go to the studio until 7 or 8 in the morning, sometimes later.We worked  6 nights a week.We did it for almost one year. All exhausted, you can imagine? Well, we finish the album and after everything went down hill. The main backer died,Nat Brandywine.Life is full of surprises.The great thing is; after 41 years Jack Poster the trumpet player found me on Facebook and told me he got a chance to find some of the originals.It blew my mind.Now I’m going to share these tunes, songs with you.

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